12-zoll-subwoofer-box Qpower

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Savard HiQ 8 Subwoofer Unbox Flex Test Demo

12-zoll-subwoofer-box Qpower

Check out my unboxing and demo of the Savard HiQ 8 v2 DVC subwoofer. This sub offers dual 2 ohm 2.5" coils and 500 watts of RMS power handling. It appears to be a mini monster, but how does it sound? Let's take a closer look then power this baby subwoofer up and see if we can get some flexin' goo...

Free Sub Box Design! 12" Sub 2.5 Cubic Ft at 34 HZ

12-zoll-subwoofer-box Qpower

This subwoofer box design is for a single 12” subwoofer in a 2.5 cubic ft box tuned to 34HZ. All dimensions are included within this video. Please note that the internal volume is based upon the displacement of an average 12” subwoofer. The actual tuning and final air volume will vary slightly b...

Subwoofer box build for an 8" SA-Sundown

12-zoll-subwoofer-box Qpower

Built this for a return customer. This was his design, so I can't take credit for this one 👍🏽 Nice stealth look, with only the one box showing. This sub is massive! Hole cutout is just barely big enough to pass through, with 12g wire in the push terminals. Enjoy 💪🏽

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