Avery Blind Bag

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Avery Blind Bag | Video

Avery Pro Grade Blind Bag

Avery Blind Bag

Avery Pro Staff TJ Davis talks about the Pro Grade Blind Bag. Also good fot video cameras and other electronics. Available in Buck Brush and Killer Weed Camo at Presleys Outdoors. Like, Comment, Subscribe and shop at www.presleysoutdoors.com

BullShooters: Avery Floating Blind Bag Test

Avery Blind Bag

Jeff Johnston gives the Avery Floating Blind Bag a test like only the BullShooters can.

Box of Blind Bags: Avery's Birthday Surprises!

Avery Blind Bag

Box of Blind Bags: Avery's Birthday Surprises! We have started a little tradition of birthday boxes and it is Avery's turn! She is eight today! She was a Mother's Day baby and the best gift her mommy could ever receive! Today we open blind bags and boxes that are gifts that Avery gets to keep in...

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