Ball Joint Toyota Prado

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Ball Joint Toyota Prado | Video

How to check and replace lower ball joints prado

Ball Joint Toyota Prado

How to check and replace the low ball joint on a Toyota Prado 95 series

Prado lower ball joint failure (and bearing)

Ball Joint Toyota Prado

An easy way to test if the lower ball joint is worn and in need of replacement. It should not be possible to move vertically like this! *Note the test here is to try and raise the hub. It's important to have the wheel free in the air by raising the lower control arm. If you only raise the chassi...

Prado 120 Adventures Ep6: Front End Overhaul

Ball Joint Toyota Prado

A step by step informative video on how I went about upgrading multiple components to my IFS front suspension. I show how to remove the existing front struts, remove the swaybar and bushes, change the Upper Control Arms, and the mistakes I made along the way. Discaimer: I am not a qualified mo...

Ball Joint Toyota Prado | Price Comparison

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