Barrel Bead Mold

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Bead Roller Hack to make Barrel Beads with Polymer Clay

Barrel Bead Mold

I'm so excited to share this easy hack that allows you to make perfect beads easily and the cost pretty much nothing , just raid your recycle bin.I wasnt sure it would work so you get the real time exploration with me . I would love to see what kind of beads you get from your bead rollers please ...

Cake! TV: How To Use Silicone Moulds Pearl Ropes and Brooch with Fondant and Edible Gels

Barrel Bead Mold

Learn how to use silicone moulds with tips and techniques from Amanda Lee. Shapes presented are pearl ropes and brooch with fondant and edible gels as well as tips and hacks to keep fondant in desired shape without problems. Products used: Renshaw EXTRA Ready To Roll Icing Rainbow Dust Click Tw...

UV Resin Barrel Bead Leather Cord Bracelet

Barrel Bead Mold

Creating a beautiful resin bracelet from a silicone bead mold Online store : Bracelet Link :

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