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An overview of Azure Blueprints | Azure Friday

Blueprint Mess-software

Alex Frankel (@sonofdiesel) joins Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) to discuss Azure Blueprints. Environment creation can be a long and error prone process. Azure Blueprints helps you deploy and update cloud environments in a repeatable manner using composable artifacts such as policies, role-based a...

Blueprint of a refurb

Blueprint Mess-software

Property Developer/Refurb Specialist Sue Elkington has undertaken 134 refurbs over a 42 year period. Here she shares her Blueprint for getting a refurb in on budget and on time.

Untangle the mess of asset management w/Nick Janetakis

Blueprint Mess-software

Not sure what that is? Don't worry about it. We'll explore Flask-Webpack and go over how to use it to create a modern asset pipeline using a small React app as an example. This month we will be having a special guest remote speaker. Nick Janetakis is the creator of the 'Build a SAAS app with Fla...

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