Buchanans Crimper

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Buchanans Crimper | Video

SunPower Equinox™ Pro Tips: Making Electrical Connections with the Buchanan Splice Cap

Buchanans Crimper

This video demonstrates how to splice the SunPower AC Module transition cable to type UF cable, using a Buchanan crimp tool and crimp sleeve. We'll install the cables to the rail-mounted J-box, prepare the conductors, crimp the transition cable conductors, with the Buchanan Crimp Sleeve and crimp...

BUCHANAN crimping tool

Buchanans Crimper

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Professional Non-Insulated Wire Crimpers & Specialty Pliers, Review & Comparison

Buchanans Crimper

Here's a review and comparison of various industrial-grade ratcheting non insulated wire terminal crimpers as well as some specially crimping pliers to finish out the crimper series of reviews and overviews. Kent-Moore J-38687-A, Knipex 1099, Buchanan C-24, Daniel's MH800, Deckers Hold'Em, Berna...

Buchanans Crimper | Price Comparison

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