Canon T2i-wifi-adapter

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Canon T2i-wifi-adapter | Video

Add WiFi to any Camera with a WiFi SD card!

Canon T2i-wifi-adapter

It's possible to add WiFi to any camera, including that old DSLR sitting on your shelf. in this video, I show a simple but clever SD card that has built in WiFi and allows you to transfer pictures from your camera to your phone, tablet or laptop without connecting any wires and without installin...

Tutorial - How to connect Android to Canon DSLR - Who needs a flipscreen?

Canon T2i-wifi-adapter

Newer Canon DSLRs, like the T6i or T7i come with Wifi built in, but what about us owners of older Canon cameras like the T2i, T3i, T4i and T5i? Today I show you how to use your Android device as a remote control for a Canon DSLR camera using only an OTG cable, Mini USB and DSLR Controller by Cha...

Canon W E1 Wifi Adapter Review - Photo Lowdown

Canon T2i-wifi-adapter

A review of the Canon W-E1 Wifi Adapter for the Canon 7D Mk2 DSLR. The App I am using is Canon Camera Connect from the ios App store. The full review can be read here: Click here to buy the W-E1 Wifi Adapter from Amazon: http://am...

Canon T2i-wifi-adapter | Price Comparison

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