Clam Ice Shack

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Clam Ice Shack | Video

Clam Nanook Review

Clam Ice Shack

I recently got my hands on a Clam Nanook to review for you guys! In this video I go over the pro and cons of a great design! As always I hope you like this video, if you did please thumbs up, share and subscribe! If you want to order a Nanook for yourself, click the link below to get it off ama...

Searching For The BEST Ice Fishing Shelter! This should keep me WARM!

Clam Ice Shack

Been searching for the best ice fishing shelters on the market. The shelter that I chose is, in my opinion, one of the best on the market for the price. Clam makes some outstanding ice fishing shelters! I chose this one due to the list of features, the heavy (but not too heavy) 900 denier insulat...

Yukon X Thermal Flip Over Ice Fishing Shelter | Weekend Sportsman | #ClamOutdoors

Clam Ice Shack

Yukon X Thermal Fully insulated shelters are the norm these days. Anglers are pushing the limits and demanding to stay warm and comfortable. The Fish Trap Yukon is an old member of the Clam shelter family, but NEW for 2015 the Yukon rec’d a bit of a boost! Complete with 1 ¼ pole system and a ful...

Clam Ice Shack | Price Comparison

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