Delta Belt Disc Sander

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Delta Belt Disc Sander | Video

Belt/Disc Sander Restoration

Delta Belt Disc Sander

I recently bought a Delta Belt/Disc Sander for $20 at a garage sale but it needed a little work. This video shows how I cleaned it up, replaced the sandpaper, and fixed a broken piece on the table. Supplies & Tools Sanding Belt 4"x36" - Paste Wax -

Rebuilding My Delta Shopmaster - Walkthrough

Delta Belt Disc Sander

Hi everyone! In this video I explain how I rebuilt my Delta Belt Sander because it wasn't working. The disk sander would stall out frequently, and the belt wouldn't track properly. There were also a couple of the broken pieces that I wanted to fix. I started this project by disassembling the sa...

Delta Disc/Belt Sander

Delta Belt Disc Sander

Part 3 and the Finish of Restoring the Delta Disc/Belt Sander

Delta Belt Disc Sander | Price Comparison

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