Farberware Thermostat

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farberware coffee maker percolator thermostat fix repair

Farberware Thermostat

UPDATE: 6-10-14 .... I had to replace the thermostat AGAIN. 3 months of use (maybe 90 cycles??) ... only took 3 minutes to replace it but I am glad I BOUGHT AN EXTRA ... NEVER ONLY BUY ONE THERMOSTAT. This is my solution to a farberware 12 cup percolator model fcp that was producing wea...

Inside a snap-action disk thermostat (manual or auto reset)

Farberware Thermostat

Parts shown, operation explained. Common automatic safety feature part on engines, kettles, coffee pots, electric pots, boilers, tanks, hot water heaters, space heaters, radiators, distillers, cookers, ranges, ovens etc.

Farberware FCP412 Percolator Parts

Farberware Thermostat

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