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Fisher Price Octo-lab | Video

The Octonauts Launch and Explore Octolab Playset [Fisher Price] [Disney jr]

Fisher Price Octo-lab

Explore Rescue Protect with the Deep Sea Octolab from Fisher Price! In this video we review this fun Octonauts Playset. Descend to the deepest part of the ocean and explore with the Octonauts. Equipped with everything you need for midnight zone missions, the Octo-Lab opens to reveal two floors of...

Octonauts Deep Sea Octo lab

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The Octonauts Adventure Building the Octolab Fisher Price

Fisher Price Octo-lab

To the launch bay! Its time to launch the Octolab! The Octolab is complete and the Octonauts are now going to laucnh it in the deep mariana trench. its amazing dark but the Octonauts launch. Shellington and tweak and staying the Octolab for a while but its a little scary to Peso. What will happen...

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