Glock Locking Pin

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Glock Locking Pin | Video

How to remove the locking block pin from the Glock 43 (you can NOT just pound it out) enjoy friends

Glock Locking Pin

You might damage a part in the Glock 43 if you pound the locking block pin out

Glock trigger pin stuck? This fix is too easy!

Glock Locking Pin

Here's the best way to remove your stuck Glock trigger pin within seconds! Just having a little fun with you all. Don't ever hammer your Glock pins out, but always have your tactical didgeridoo on hand just in case. Music:

Proper Glock Pin Install Sequence and Why

Glock Locking Pin

Showing proper Glock frame pin remove and install sequence and why

Glock Locking Pin | Price Comparison

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