Golden Plated Pokemon Cards

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Golden Plated Pokemon Cards | Video

23K Gold Plated Pikachu Pokemon Card Opening

Golden Plated Pokemon Cards

TRANSFORMERS GIVEAWAY - Today we open something a little different being a Burger King Exclusive item. The Limited Edition 23K Gold Plated Burger King Pikachu Pokemon Card (In simple terms A Gold Pokemon Card ) is a rare and pre...


Golden Plated Pokemon Cards

I'll be unboxing GOLD PLATED Pokemon Cards from Burger King in 1999! This is a Pokemon TCG opening of the sealed Pokémon Cards released with Burger King happy meals and Pokemon the First Movie! Each gold plated cards comes in a Pokeball including Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Poliwhirl, Jigglypuff ...

Reboxing 23 Karat GOLD POKEMON Cards! - Are they worth anything?

Golden Plated Pokemon Cards

In This Video: Well, remember those sweet, 23 Karat GOLD (plated) POKEMON CARDS from Burger King? Well, here's the whole set with Certificates of Authenticity. Neat, right? #GOLDPOKEMONCARDS #GetRich 47/350 DMG Ice ► Area DMG ► Radio DMG ► http:/...

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