Hogue Sig P239

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Hogue Sig P239 | Video

Installing Hogue grip on Sig Sauer P239

Hogue Sig P239

This video shows installing a Hogue grip on a Sig Sauer P239. The grip that comes on standard on the P239 was to small for my hand and made it very uncomfortable to shoot. http://www.getgrip.com/

SIg P239 grip change, Open Carry Holster, and a t-shirt

Hogue Sig P239

UPDATE: OPEN CARRY UNLOADED HAS BEEN BANNED IN CALIFORNIA I installed Hogue rubber grips on my Sig P239 and I also review a holster. Plus a quick thank you shout out to Pete at The Armory Channel for the quick delivery of my t-shirt order. I review the "Intimidator" holster (size 3) from ProTe...

Hogue Rubber Grip for Sig Sauer P239 31000 Shooting Gaming Unboxing

Hogue Sig P239

This is our unboxing video for the Rubber Grip for Sig Sauer P239 mfg# 31000. At wholesale Hunter http://wholesalehunter.com/product.asp?productid=9891

Hogue Sig P239 | Price Comparison

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