Hover Assault Helicopter

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Hover Assault Helicopter | Video

Air Hogs Hover Assault Eject Helicopter Review

Hover Assault Helicopter

Our review of the Air Hogs Hover Assault Eject Helicopter. What a great toy any child will love, especially the boys as it drives, jumps, blasts and flies.

Air Hogs Hover Assault review

Hover Assault Helicopter

More details & reviews at http://RCMania.com ! Independent review of the Air Hogs Hover Assault by Spin Master, an RC that drives on the ground, flies through the air, and shoots missiles.

Air Hogs Hover Assault - Review

Hover Assault Helicopter

My review of the new Air Hogs Hover Assault land and air vehicle. This is a very unique and fun-to-fly RC. Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlyinRyanRc

Hover Assault Helicopter | Price Comparison

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