Peavey Rx 14

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Peavey RX14 Compression Driver, in JBL 115 Speaker Cabinet

Peavey Rx 14

The Stock Driver inside the JBL 115 kept blowing, so we decided to install the PROVEN Peavey RX14 Compression Driver, inside the JBL 115 Cabinet.

How to remove & repair Peavey pvxp RX14 compression horn

Peavey Rx 14

It took over a month to figure out how to get this driver out so I contacted Peavey Electronics and they told me to use a oil filter wrench, lo and behold work perfectly! Hope this helps anyone who has had a hard time getting the driver out.... #djcutlas, #peaveydj, @peaveyelectronics

How To Install an RX14 Compression Driver in a Peavey Neo Speaker

Peavey Rx 14

WIRING: RX14 connects to the RED and BLACK wires. RED being positive (+) and BLACK being negative (-). The 15" speaker has markings on the plastic by the terminals indicating positive and negative. For that speaker YELLOW is positive (+) and BLUE is negative (-). Also, two of the rubber foot...

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