Safariland Ammo Pouch

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Safariland Ammo Pouch | Video

Police Gear: Your Mag Pouch Might Get You Killed

Safariland Ammo Pouch

Is your gear going to get you killed? Today we go over something you may have never thought of; your mag pouch. To purchase the item seen in video:

Magazine Pouches: Types and Use

Safariland Ammo Pouch

How do you select a magazine pouch to put on your duty belt? What is the difference between a closed top and open top magazine pouch? Which is better? Today we are looking at an essential EDC item for police officers, spare magazines. we are going to discuss several ways to carry the magazines an...

Brownells - 79/775 Slimline Open-Top Magazine Pouches

Safariland Ammo Pouch

Brownells - 79/775 Slimline Open-Top Magazine Pouches. For more information visit This video demonstrates the features and benefits of the Safariland Slimline open top magazine pouches.

Safariland Ammo Pouch | Price Comparison

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