Sea Monkey Space Shuttle

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Sea Monkey Space Shuttle | Video

My Sea-Monkey christmas special.

Sea Monkey Space Shuttle

Libera Singing Holy Night. and my Space shuttle Sea-Monkey tank

Astronaut Training Experience: three sea monkeys in a Multi-Axis Trainer

Sea Monkey Space Shuttle

The day before JoCo Cruise Crazy 2, sea monkeys Ellie, Eric and I did the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) at Kennedy Space Center. Part of it was spinning around in this Multi-Axis Trainer. It was a lot of fun and not at all nauseating, since the stomach stays at the centre of gravity. In the...

STS-133 Space shuttle astronauts take part in M-113 training

Sea Monkey Space Shuttle

The six-member crew of the next space shuttle flight practiced driving an M-113 armored personnel carrier during a full launch dress rehearsal known as the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test on Oct. 13 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Each astronaut of shuttle Discovery's STS-133 ...

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