Sierra Bullets 223

Preisvergleich für Sierra Bullets 223 in Deutschland bei in December 10, 2019

Sierra Bullets 223 | Video

223 Sierra 69 Gr. Matchking Results! Varget, RL-15, H322

Sierra Bullets 223

Trying some new target bullets out 100 Yards for load development. Hoping to get some great Precision ammo for both paper and steel at long range! Amazon affiliate links anything bought from these links helps my channel and you get a great product! Doesn’t cost you extra! Scopes My #1 pick fo...

Sierra 69 Grain Match King Bullets / Remington 700 5R .223

Sierra Bullets 223

Trying out the 69 grain Sierra hollow point boat tail "Match King" bullet in a Remington 700 5R .223 rifle. The hand load load was fired for accuracy at 500 yards as well as over the chronograph for velocity readings. The objective was to get a load that shoots well out to 500-600 yards from the ...

Devastating Performance!!! - 77gr Sierra Tipped Matchking - Ballistics Test

Sierra Bullets 223

My new home defense bullet of choice! _____________________________________ Follow me on: Google+ Twitter Instagram @DocTacDad Also Subscribe to our s...

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