Solid Audio Auto Equalizer

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Vintage Pioneer CD-5 Equalizer EQ - WOW!

Solid Audio Auto Equalizer

Bid quick on this Pioneer CD-5 7-band EQ from the late 1970's or early 1980's in the original box with all accessories! Unit itself is in MINT condition and comes with mounting bracket, mounting screws, manual, warranty card and original box! Check item 280616939711 on eBay, and be fast as the a...

Newfangled Audio & Eventide-EQuivocate Plugin Walkthrough

Solid Audio Auto Equalizer

We go through the new EQ plugin by Newfangled Audio and Eventide called EQuivocate. It is a linear, mastering grade eq, capable of splitting the signal into 26 bands. More information: The Pro Tools PC - The Only PC Designed Fo...

Getting Perfect Sound in the Car | Crutchfield

Solid Audio Auto Equalizer

Part 3 of our series: Jeff upgraded his speakers again ran higher-quality wire and added a processor to sculpt the sound. He had to modify his door a little to get the speakers to fit & mdash; but when you want the best there's no need to let a little modification get in the way. Crutchfield: ht...

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