Soul Eater Patch

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Soul Eater Patch | Video


Soul Eater Patch

Taking a look at the new Soul Eater, a stacking lifesteal item with physical ability lifesteal coming to SMITE in Patch 4.20. Soul Eater will now evolve once its stacks are completed and has some completely new stats like Cooldown reduction which weren't on the item at all before the buff. Don't...

Black Ops 4 Camo Glitch Soul Eater Camo On ICR *After Patch*

Soul Eater Patch

Credit To DesireHD Text Tutorial 1. Join a friend who is in multiplayer 2. Add the gun of your choice to your custom class 1 3. Press start to open the class options menu 4. Have your friend go into custom games 5. Close the options me...

PS2 Longplay [068] Soul Eater Battle Resonance

Soul Eater Patch Played by: kireev20000

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