Star Trek-walkie-talkies

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Star Trek-walkie-talkies | Video

Early 1970's Star Trek Toy TV Commercial Mego

Star Trek-walkie-talkies

Mego brings Captain Kirk and Mr Spock to life with these cool walkie talkies. More Mego at

Closest thing to a Star Trek communicator badge! Orion Labs Onyx

Star Trek-walkie-talkies

First look at Orion Lab's Onyx, a real-time communications device (works like a Star Trek communicator badge - or a walkie for us mere mortals). Just press and talk - people will hear you over any distance, even in groups. It works with the accompanying app that gets installed on your smartphone...

Vintage Toy MEGO Corp. STAR TREK Communicators Walkie Talkie Set

Star Trek-walkie-talkies

Wow! Great set in the original packaging. These were released in the 1970's as walkie talkies. C'mon, if you're a Trekkie, you had a pair of these! @Bergenpickers

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