Sticky Holster Md2

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Sticky Holster Md2 | Video

Here's Why You Want A Sticky Holster!

Sticky Holster Md2

Watch as Lenny Magill demonstrates the "Sticky" holster. No clips or belt loops, just a technologically advanced outer surface that keeps the holster in place, virtually anywhere you place it. This is our Item #2774 and you can find it here:

Sticky Holster for M&P Shield

Sticky Holster Md2

Review of the Sticky Holster

Sticky Holsters. Pros and Cons

Sticky Holster Md2

A few pros and cons, I think, about the sticky holster. 5,000 rounds through my Colt: Alien Gear Holsters: The Aimpoint 1000: Double action, Single action: The Drill: Ruger 10...

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