Travel Guitar Speedster

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Travel Guitar Speedster | Video

Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot-Rod V2 Electric Guitar Test Drive Product Demo

Travel Guitar Speedster A compact electric travel guitar with built-in headphone amp. The Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot-Rod V2 has our V2 Headphone amp with 4 built-in tones and an active EQ. This video demonstrates the various tones, recorded direct from the guitar and through an amplifier. N...

Trying out the Speedster Travel Guitar

Travel Guitar Speedster

Speedster Traveler Guitar: not my usual sound but the feeling is pretty good, and really cool to take along on short trips, it's ultra compact. Check it out:

Traveler Guitar Speedster Demo - Sweetwater

Travel Guitar Speedster

More info: In this video, you'll hear the Speedster from Traveler Guitar in action.

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