Vic Tsing Fm-transmitter

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VicTsing Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

Vic Tsing Fm-transmitter - Click here to order and read other reviews. -Larger Display Screen: 1.44 inches screen provides clear display: -Song's Name, Voltage of car battery,incoming phone call number. -Voice Prompt: Voice prompt tell you whether connected sucessfully or not. -Better Sound quali...

Best upgrade for your non Bluetooth car - VicTsing T10 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review and Setup

Vic Tsing Fm-transmitter

Our car (Fiat 500) came with Bluetooth, but only for making calls. We wanted a way to be able to stream our music from our phones wirelessly. We picked up the VicTsing T10 Bluetooth FM Transmitter. This thing is awesome! To ...

The T10 Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter - A Quality Solution

Vic Tsing Fm-transmitter

I have been reviewing a lot of FM transmitters recently. Unfortunately, many of them have not lived up to expectations. Buy the T10 on Amazon: Amazon USA: Amazon UK: The T10 thankfully did not disappoint. Mine was branded under the name Patuoxun ...

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