Wedding Bell Pinata

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Wedding Bell Pinata | Video

Taco Bell Piñata of Love in Wedding Dress

Wedding Bell Pinata

Margaritas for all, come and have you a ball & promenade in your wedding dress at Taco Bell, Gainesville Mexico, original song by Tom Miller backed by The Genius Boy Band. From Episode 7 of 'Chuck Martin's Genius Boy Music Show,' filmed before a live studio audience at The Bull in Gainesville, ...

CKL+D=ReWedding: Pinata!

Wedding Bell Pinata

Some of our ReWedding guests surprised us with a homemade "wedding bell" pinata. We ceded the bashing privileges to the two young children in attendance. Hijinks ensued.

Guy and Morgan go Batty

Wedding Bell Pinata

Guy Oberg III and Morgan Isackes Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. G3 and Morgan go after a wedding bell pinata! Ole'!

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