Yamaha Rhino Center Caps

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Yamaha Rhino Center Caps | Video

How to Change Brake Pads On a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660

Yamaha Rhino Center Caps

This video gives an overview of how to replace the rear brake pads on a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660. This video may also be applicable for the Rhino 450 and the Raptor. Remember to take the brake fluid reservoir cap off prior to working on the brakes. There is only one rear brake caliper and it's in l...

Ebay Fork preload adjusters, Any good?

Yamaha Rhino Center Caps

How will a pair of $25 fork preload adjusters from ebay perform on your bike? (Product links below) Today we're looking at a pair for the CBR500R (41mm standard fork) and talk about rider weight, cornerability, and braking dive. Please like and subscribe! The fork preload adjusters in this vid...

2006 yamaha rhino 450 check oil

Yamaha Rhino Center Caps

how to check oil level on 2006 Yamaha rhino 450. If you have questions I have answers please check out my website http://www.clsallinone.com/

Yamaha Rhino Center Caps | Price Comparison

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